Enjoy Winter with Jolly January Contest

Enjoy Winter with Jolly January Contest

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Coupons are not only about the weekend paper and a set of individual flyers all over the month. Customers search for the coupons that they may load on any of the smartphone apps they use in order to eliminate the requirement of carrying slips of paper everywhere. Being a business association, you can get the benefit of this demand by becoming a quick adopter, while proposing your customers with an alternative to save money.

But at the time of the transition, business associations may miss some of the significant opportunities to make the flow of digital couponing even more smooth in comparison to the traditional couponing. One should be efficient while implementing his/her efforts to avail digital coupons to the consumers.

CoupononMove has come with a chance for you to celebrate winter with all the essential trends of this season. Enter the Jolly January Contest and get a chance to win any of the newly launched smartphones and several rewards of approx. Rs.50 and Rs.100 from CoupononMove. It’s your chance to save massively on extra cashback as well as free goodies from your favorite websites such as Flipkart, Snapdeal and ‎Paytm. Without delay, check out the deals and enjoy a shopping experience like never before.

To be as efficient as possible, CoupononMove makes sure that its digital coupons get integrated with its users’ e-mail accounts. Getting customers’ e-mail addresses provide CoupononMove with a chance to regularly update the users on special occasions as well as discounts to increase the odds as they return to the described location.

CoupononMove is also intending to provide coupons via e-mail, containing a barcode that can be scanned by its own POS system. To avoid problems associated with scanners that they fail to recognize barcodes submitted through smartphone screens, CoupononMove will provide a code that would be entered by its cashier to give a discount to the customer. The aim will be to avoid forcing its customers to keep the printout of the coupon before going to any specific store.

CoupononMove intending to adopt many of the attributes explained below that can be adopted by many other companies trying their hands in the same field.

Digital coupons avail you of the chance to propose full-color and engaging content that compels readers to go through your message. If it is possible for you, invest in a good graphic designer who may provide the professional content for you. Your coupon must include your logo, products’ photos, and the written content must be in bold, and vibrant colors as well as fonts that will attract more and more customers.

Using geo-targeting, businesses are capable of taking benefits of GPS technology to know when users are nearby, and then delivering coupons that make them stop. As the technology is still new, businesses can accept geo-targeting into their already existing apps. The app can be set to send alerts to the customers’ phone as they come near to your location.

This technology may prove to be risky, though if consumers start to see these alerts as a disturbance. If you opt for this route, ensure that you provide an easy way for users to select specific alerts when they would want to get notified.

There are a few sites already that can deliver your digital coupons to their existing customer base, directly targeting coupons to the users who’re most likely to take benefit of them.

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